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Character name: Haruka Kokonose
Series: Kagerou (Heat Haze) Days [Manga]
Canon point: Headphone Actor III, shortly after his stroke and being hospitalized (when Kenjirou says he's "stable")

Summary: Haruka Kokonose @ the Kagerou Project Wiki

A small town, a small town's school, a class room with only two people, a single irresponsible teacher and a school festival. Seems like an odd set up for a story, doesn't it?

But let's rewind a touch first, before we get to all of that. You see, the reason for there only being two students in this class was a very simple one - both of them had illnesses that required them to be "special needs", well enough to attend classes on a somewhat regular basis but not well enough to be at the same level as the rest of their peers.

Takane Enomoto and Haruka Kokonose were those students, both sixteen years of age and both burdened by the same problem. While Takane's illness could be considered "less severe" it was still a problem for her given that she was almost constantly exhausted and in need of sleep even after 12 hours of it beforehand. Haruka, on the other hand, was far worse off than Takane. Though unspecified as to what exactly his illness was, it's stated that "a single attack" could easily kill him, and he's often referred to as being physically weak.

As for the story itself? Well it starts out innocent enough. Though "innocent" is relative given that it also begins (after Takane spends some time spouting mental exposition about the cultural festival) with Haruka walking in to their classroom stripped down to his boxers because he'd gotten dizzy and fallen in a fountain after trying to pet a cat.

Which of course leads to their teacher walking in on Takane attempting to get Haruka to put his wet clothes back on.

Just imagine what went through his mind.

All that aside, though, the real point of the day was the cultural festival and the fact that they didn't have anything planned for it. Why? Because their teacher had told them the week before "It's okay, we don't have to have anything planned." Except that he sort of... told their chairman that they did have something planned. Oops.

So after a lot of discussion, Takane freaking out over this, that and everything else, and a whole lot of Haruka coming up with an idea that wasn't even remotely plausible to finish in a week (a shooting gallery) and being stuck on it (he really wanted to participate, okay?) they finally decided on a sort of middle ground that could actually work : a shooting game. One that would be programmed by their teacher with character designs drawn by Haruka. As for Takane's involvement in it? Well, she would be the one the participants would be going up against!

And, surprisingly, after a lot of hard work, long hours, not enough sleep (and probably a great deal of wrist soreness on Haruka's part from all those drawings) they actually pulled together a rather impressive game called Headphone Actor, in which people were pitted against adorable yet gory plush enemies and given points based on style, accuracy and total number of targets brought down.

It was through all this that Haruka found out Takane's "dirty little secret". Okay, it wasn't that bad, but Takane sure thought it was the end of the world at first. You see, Takane not having many friends due to her illness and attitude (and not really having much talent in anything else, not like how Haruka had art) meant she spent most of her time alone at home playing online video games. Specifically a "very gory" game called Dead Bullet - a shooter dealing with a lot of blood, guts, violence and gritty ruined urban cities. She had actually won second place in a tournament some time back and had a reputation online because of it - a reputation she had never intended to leak in to her daily life but did anyway due to several other players challenging her and recognizing her unique playing style.

Of course Haruka had overheard them talking, and contrary to Takane's belief that he would find her "disturbing" for liking such a style of gaming, he was enthusiastic about her online celebrity status and admitted that their teacher already mentioning her second place win led him to research about the game anyway in order to make Headphone Actor. At first Takane was mortified, but in the end it only solidified her desire to continue her reputation as Lightening Dancer Ene, leading her to victory after victory against a hallway full of challengers that had come to see Ene in action.

So their booth was a huge success (even if Takane did eventually lose to a middle school student named Shintaro Kisaragi) and they were able to end the day with a nice dinner provided to them by their teacher. Haruka also began playing Dead Bullet along side Takane, creating his own avatar named Konoha (after his own name, Haruka Kokonose to match how Takane had done Ene after her full name, Takane Enomoto) and learning the ropes from her.

Summer rolled in to fall, then in to winter, which also happened to be near Haruka's birthday. Takane had gone to a lot of trouble to get him a nice present, but it wound up being poorly timed. That very same day, Haruka had an attack for the first time in a while and collapsed, though it was only bad enough to hospitalized for a week, at which point he returned to school.

This, however, was merely a sign of things to come. A month later he collapsed again, and spent even longer in the hospital. He remained optimistic, though, focusing on being able to practice on Dead Bullet more than his own decreasing health. In spite of these set backs, both of them were able to advance to the next grade, even becoming friends with the newly enrolled Shintaro and his friend Ayano Tateyama, who also happened to be the young daughter of Haruka and Takane's teacher.

Haruka managed to avoid another severe attack up until the summer, but he still wound up playing catch up in summer classes with Takane, though the extra lessons were far easier for him than they were for her. After finishing an assignment that Takane was still working on, Haruka took out his laptop and started playing Dead Bullet again so he could have something to do while waiting for Takane to finish. This led to Takane throwing a fit, wanting to play the game as well instead of finishing her work. He insisted that if he practiced for the upcoming tournament next to her she'd want to finish her work faster.

Naturally this only pissed Takane off something awful. She grumbled and groaned and protested and eventually got fed up with his idea of "motivating" her to work faster (because in her mind he was only being distracting and being terrible company to boot) and put her head phones on.

Why? Because in her rationalization, if she acted as though she didn't care, he would get fed up and stop playing!

Which... is not what happened at all.

In the 20 or so minutes it took Takane to realize Haruka wasn't doing much of anything at all, he had another attack, and was sitting motionless and slumped next to her. She panicked and tried to rouse him, but he had gone cold and was barely breathing. She screamed and cried until finally their teacher rushed in and took him from her, getting him to the hospital.

This time there was no relieved reunion in a hospital room, no Haruka inhaling five servings of meals, no chatting about "when I get out, let's practice more!". There was just waiting. Tense waiting.

Eventually the doctors did come out, though it was Tateyama-sensei who talked to them, coming back to tell Takane that Haruka was "stable".

What happened after that?

Well... Takane is going to have to tell the rest of that story.


Haruka is, as Takane puts it, a "very care-free guy". From the get go, when he wanders in to the classroom in just his boxers, standing unashamed in front of a female classmate while jabbering on about he got dizzy and fell in to a fountain because he wanted to pet a cat, it's very clear that he's not the kind of guy who cares much for how other people view him. And it's certainly not out of arrogance that this trait stems. He's simply some one who really wants to enjoy life as much as possible, and is unhindered by the thoughts of others or even his own illness to a certain degree.

But this has a negative side to it as well - it's very difficult to tell what Haruka is really thinking or feeling. He very, very rarely ever shows genuine upset. Even when in the hospital for a full month, his verbal complaints were more about how he wanted to play Dead Bullet, now how he was feeling. He never complains about how he feels (a contrast to Takane often complaining about how tired she is regardless of how much sleep she got) and will keep going even if it's clear he's running on levels of exhaustion that can't be good for him.

It's clear just by his interactions with Takane (and even to a small extent Shintaro and Ayano) that for all his "care free" personality, he does care a great deal about his friends, and more than anything he wants them to be happy. He does everything he can to not be a burden on other people, smiling at times when other children his age would and should be more upset. Takane admits in her own exposition that she's "never seen him depressed", even in the year and some odd months that she's known him. Not when they were the only two people in their class, not when they couldn't participate in sports because of their health and had to sit out of a meeting he had been looking forward to, not when he was hospitalized and away from school and friends. Not a frown, a scowl, a tear or an expression of sadness from him. Even when his ideas for the cultural festival were being shot down, as much as it was clear he really wanted to participate, he nervously told Takane that if it was "too much trouble" they didn't have to do anything.

It's difficult to tell where this all comes from, why he's so insistent on showing a near-constant smile for the people around him. There's little background as far as family life is concerned, and Takane even admits to being "captivated" by his smile, indicating that it's more often than not a sincere expression and not a complete cover. Chances are much if his personality comes from two things:

1) that he's ill, he knows he's ill and he also senses (or even knows via diagnosis) that he has very little time in this world and because of that he would like to be able to experience everything wonderful that he can and gives very little thought to more depressing subjects because of this

2) for the same reasons as above, he also treasures the relationships he has because he also feels (or knows) that he will only have a short time with these people. He would rather smile for them happily than have them see him sad and in tears.

This also reveals another fact about Haruka: he's surprisingly caring. Severe illness often makes people very selfish but Haruka is the exact opposite. He encourages Takane when she's at her lowest, boosting her confidence when she was so certain he would hate her for her strange hobbies. He even takes the extra classes during the summer even though by intelligence alone his test scores would have been fine without them, just because he wants to spend time with Takane. That way she won't be alone any more than she has to and already has been due to his decreasing health.

Sure he can be a ditz sometimes. He has a habit of thinking with his stomach a bit too much. He's not the most aware teenager in existence, and his ideas might not always be the most practical, but he's still intelligent, caring, and quite the ball of enthusiastic sunshine for some one who has been suffering from an illness his entire life.

Powers: Haruka has no innate powers at all, as he is completely human, and a weak, ill human to boot. He has a small selection of skills, though.

It's unknown how long he's been drawing but it's clear Haruka has a passion for it. He's very talented at it, having a somewhat JRPG/Anime influenced style. He draws mostly on paper with a mechanical pencil, but he was obviously able to create computer generated art from his ideas to put in to the computer.

Again, it's never stated how much he knows, but it's implicated that after making the designs for the game on paper, he was able to put them in to a computer, line, color and even adjust them. He also may have helped Tateyama-sensei with coding, given how little sleep both of them were getting during that week.

The only thing that really has held Haruka back has been his illness and his resulting absences from school. Takane even mentions that he didn't have to be in the summer classes, he had chosen to be there on his own free will. He's shown tutoring Ayano (in the Yuukei Yesterday video, not the manga, but it's still canon to the manga) and has probably helped Takane more than once with her homework.

Bottomless Pit of a Stomach???
The boy. Can eat. It borders on ridiculous, or at they very least making him a secret shounen hero or something, but he seriously can eat people out of house and home if given the chance. He just loves food, okay.
We all only wish we could have this bean pole's metabolism. Clearly he must have some sort of cast iron stomach because you'd think whatever mountains of medications he was on would give him nausea at the very least...

Entry: Due to his illness and hospitalization he and Takane both will need to be rescued.

No I don't know what illness he has. For now it's just Nameless Anime Disease but I may attempt some vague researching later to come up with something... sort of close.


He's so dumb I want 20


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